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Firstly, we are bitcoin lovers who still have a craze for casinos. We buy, sell, and gamble in bitcoin. And because we gamble in bitcoin, our aim is to provide the most authentic information on bitcoin casinos that can be found online.

We also render crisp analysis of the games on offer by different casinos to make it easier for you to choose the best bitcoin casino that offers the types of games you’re comfortable playing. We are aware that most people who gamble bitcoin must have delved in some form of online gambling or the other and that is why we focus lightly on the mechanics of how these games are played and their algorithms; concentrating on what makes a game truly unique or different from the rest.

For new comers basically, we tell you about the world of bitcoin casino cutting the user interface, the security, ease of registration, site navigability, and their condition and terms.

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We present authentic reviews by signing up ourselves and getting a firsthand experience of what bitcoin casinos have to offer. We put ourselves on the firing line so you can dodge a bullet when things are not what they seem.

We make sure the games on offer are authentic playable games and also try to discover the “house edge” so we know the casino is not being unfair to its gamblers. Other aspects of a casino we evaluate and provide to you are; the speed of payment, the win rate, and the availability and level of customer service.

Based on this benchmark, we continuously update our homepage so visitors and gamblers can at any point in time see the best bitcoin casino to put their funds in. We analyze the legal situation on bitcoin in countries around the world and keep you informed on which countries recognize bitcoin as a currency for taking care of real life issues.

We also know that bitcoin gambling is restricted or outrighly banned in many jurisdictions across the globe and we try to keep you abreast of this information while providing alternate bitcoin casinos suitable for your country. Apart from bitcoin gambling and casino reviews, we bring you the latest news on around the bitcoin industry and other cryptocurrency such as bitcoin cash, and Ethereum.

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